At Raggedy Ann & Andy Child Care Center our early childhood teachers and teaching assistants understand that each child has different needs and abilities, and that each child learns in his or her own way at an individual pace. Our programs are designed to prepare your child for education within the school system and our philosophy is to empower you with options and choices to help your child succeed at every level of education. Your child’s lifetime of learning and development begins here.

Helping your child reach milestones in Takoma Park, Maryland and the Surrounding Areas

At Raggedy Ann & Andy Child Care Center our early childhood teachers and teaching assistants provide much more than daycare!

Two’s and Early Preschool

Most two year olds are full of energy and curious about their surroundings, they are also typically at the stage where they are developing their independence. Our early childhood teachers and assistants are trained to help your child achieve their independence by placing an emphasis on development rather than age because each child develops at his or her own pace. We offer activities that are designed to develop mental and physical coordination, specifically concentrating on:

• Cognitive development
• Language development and communication
• Physical development
• Social and emotional development


Preschoolers love to explore their surroundings through hands-on activities. At Raggedy Ann & Andy Child Care Center our pre-school programs are designed to offer challenges and motivation to engage and nurture your child. Our engaging classroom activities are designed to help your child build skills to encourage success in kindergarten and bring out a strong sense of confidence in each and every child. Our activities program is designed to develop the following skills:

• Pre-reading
• Pre-writing
• Pre-math
• Physical coordination
• Social skills


At Raggedy Ann & Andy Child Care Center our Pre-K Class is designed to help your child communicate more successfully and to develop your child’s skills to work independently and in group situations.
Our comprehensive lesson plans include:

• Reading
• Writing
• Math
• Social skills (respect and working together towards common goals)
• Physical skills (Climbing, jumping)

Before & After School Programs

At Raggedy Ann & Andy Child Care Center staff provide exciting and fun educational mornings and afternoons for your child. Our programs are designed to focus on goal-setting and we support homework, team building and physical activity providing routine to your child’s afternoons.

Our activities are designed to provide a combination of games and learning to teach your child:

• Independence
• Personal responsibility
• Sense of community
• Healthy habits
• Boost self esteem
• Organization
• Responsibility
• Critical thinking and problem solving

Summer Camp

At Raggedy Ann & Andy Child Care Center we are proud to offer your child a summer camp program full of fun learning activities to further encourage growth and development. Pre and school aged children participate in various indoor and outdoor activities. Each day, our teachers and assistants provide daily activities involving math, science and reading along with physical activity to help keep your child’s mind and body active throughout the summer months.

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